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PROCESS OF THE RESIDENCE PERMIT FOR FOREIGNERS WHO POSSESS IMMOVABLE PROPERTY IN THE T.R.N.C   Foreigners who possess immovable property in the TRNC may be granted 1 year renewable residence permit for the first 3 years and thereafter two years renewable permit provided that they have obtained the title deeds registered to their names. CRITERIA FOR[…]

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Time to invest in North Cyprus

  Time to invest in North Cyprus   Hello from Address Estate. As we said in the title of our article, now is the time to invest in northern Cyprus. Lets see together the reason behind it..   The UK’s election process and the drop in the British pound expected[…]

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Why invest in North Cyprus?

Why invest in North Cyprus? – When you invest in Cyprus your return on investment is in 8-10 years – Investors in North Cyprus have the possibility of a mortgage up to 10 years – Rental income of up to 8-12% per annum – Property tax 1 TL / m2[…]

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Requirements for a Foreigner to Invest in Cyprus

Conditions for Foreigners to Acquire Immovable Properties in the TRNC In order to avoid any mistakes, there are important issues to take into consideration within the framework of law when real or legal persons of foreign nationality purchase a land and/or house and/or long-term lease in the TRNC. As the[…]

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Title Types in North Cyprus

Turkish Title :  Title type given to Turkish Cypriots or foreigners before 1974 for their houses, lands or workplaces.  EŞDEĞER / EXCHANGE TITLE :  These places have been given to Turkish cypriots who were forced to leave their properties in South cyprus after the 1974 war . The government assessed[…]

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Why Should i invest in North cyprus

Cyprus is the third biggest island in the Mediterranean with a surface of 9251 km2 . While North Cyprus is 3242 km2 . The island has a Mediterranean climate and generally is sunny during the whole year. The island of Cyprus having beautiful beaches and seasides is the main attraction[…]

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