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Iskele Longbeach, World’s Best Seaside Investment

Iskele Longbeach, world’s best seaside investment

Forbes, one of the world’s leading economics magazines, published an article in which investment ranks first in Northern Cyprus ..

According to 2021 Global Property Survey, properties that have 2 bedrooms, two bathrooms, and are around 70-100 square meters, ideal for investors and retirees, near the sea,would be best bought  in Iskele Long Beach and this was announced as in the first place in the ranking.

Iskele Longbeach is just for you if you want to buy an affordable property with high rental income in Cyprus, the pearl of the Mediterranean.

Another great advantage is that you can make your contracts in dollars, euros or sterling.

Recently, investment with crypto currency has been on the rise in the world. 1 bitcoin has exceeded the average limit of 50000 dollars. Accordingly, you can pay for an investment flat with 1 Bitcoin. Many construction companies we work with accept your payments as bitcoins and you can also convert your bitcoins to cash through our sister companies.

The return on investment in Northern Cyprus is approximately 8-11 years, real estates have gained value by approximately 9-12% in the last three years.

The investment you make also gains value in foreign currency exchange . Whether it’s a holiday home, investment flat or a peaceful detached house for your retirement… Address Estate is here for all real estate you are looking for.

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