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İskele District is one of the 5 districts of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Its area is 774 square kilometers. İskele

İskele is settled at the joint point of Famagusta-Karpasia main road and Ercan-Karpasia Main road. It is well known with its coastline in which the green dances with blue harmoniously.
The district’s name was Trikomo until 1974 and it is still termed with this name by numerous people. At 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation, Larnaca Turkish Community had immigrated from South to North and they were settled to this coastline, and from that date, the region was named as İskele.
As from 1st of June, district number in TRNC was increased from 3 to 5, and İskele was declared as a district. There are 43 accommodation units in İskele. The population of the district is 20.245. Inhabitants make a living by tourism, civil services, labor, farming, fishing and crafting.

İskele city is advantaged by its location, open to improvement and it embodies various tourism and small industrial areas. İskele Boğaz, is well known by the tourists with its coastline, tourist facilities and fish restaurants, and it follows Girne with its famous. Haravdi Coastline and Public Plage belongs to İskele Municipality and it is accessible to the public and people take advantage of the sea without encountering any problem..

The Long Beach Iskele  area is absolutely one of the most famous seashores in North Cyprus. This area, which has emerged as a favourite of traders and tourists particularly recently, hosts pretty a variety of travelers and investors. With its white sand, palm-trees and strolling regions and kilometers of seashore, İskele Long Beach area is one of the most favored areas of Northern Cyprus. Iskele coast, that is referred to as the area that hosts most of the travelers and investors  , has  a stunning fisherman port and fish serving restaurants and visitor facilities. Peacefulness, is essential for all investors and travellers and everyone who’s seeking out residence or investment  on the market in Cyprus and desires to stay in Cyprus,  will find peace and tranquility in the İskele Long Beach area. Iskele Long Beach’s Unique Beaches Unlike different seashores,has a long cycling and trekking line as well as a children playground, disabled park, a fully functional beach bar and restaurant with palm trees all the way.  Beaches are walking  distance to all of our properties on sale .


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