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The Natural Wonder Of Northern Cyprus, The Karpas Peninsula

The Natural Wonder of Northern Cyprus, the Karpas Peninsula

The Karpaz Peninsula and the golden beach are among the first things that come to mind when Northern Cyprus and nature are mentioned. So what makes the Karpaz peninsula so special? First of all, the Golden Beach, located on the Karpaz Peninsula, is under protection .. It is the favorite of Northern Cyprus with its clear water and white sand that does not resemble the Caribbean .. This beach is under protection and is home to the Caretta Caretta turtles that come to spawn in the summer months ..


In addition, the area known as the Karpaz National Park is under protection and is home to the Karpaz Donkeys. If you go here, we say don’t pass without giving them apples.

Another of the biggest symbols of this region is the Apostolos Andreas Monastery. Located at the easternmost end of the island known as Victory Point, this monastery is a sacred place built in accordance with the Orthodox beliefs. The oldest architectural units of the monastery complex XIV. It is the closest point to the sea, belonging to the Lusignan period in the 21st century. Known as the creator of the Miracles, the ruler of the Winds and the guardian of the Passengers, Apostolos Andreas / St. There are magnificent chandeliers and icons in this monastery dedicated to Andrew. It is still open to worship today and is visited by many believers.


According to one belief, the wishes of those who make a wish by sewing candles in the church are realized and should be returned to thank you. There is a natural water source right under the church and it is also known as the sacred water of Karpas. According to belief, this water heals diseases. Legend has it that this water healed the blind eye of a captain and has been believed to be sacred by everyone ever since. It is the Yacht Marina located in Yeni Erenköy region, which has made the Karpaz region a favorite of tourists and investors recently. The total area of the marina is 137000 m2, 65400 m2 of which is sea area and the remainder is land area and buildings. The maintenance and repair area of the marina is established on an area of 18000 m2. It is designed to serve a total of 300 mooring places with a minimum water depth of 4 meters.

There are also 16 mooring places for super yachts up to 55 meters in length.

Boats: private storage areas, golf cars, potable fresh water, single and 3 phase electric, waste water tank discharge station, wireless internet and all maintenance and repair services are provided.

In addition, the 300 ton capacity traveling crane serving the maintenance and repair area is the crane with the largest capacity in the region. Yeni Erenköy and Karpaz regions are famous for being the only village in Northern Cyprus to host a mixed community after the division. Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots live together in this village. There are small bungalow-style houses and villas in this region, and special projects can be made for our investors and closed site works can be done.

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