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Northern Cyprus Brief Information Series

Northern Cyprus Brief Information Series

Today’s topic of our Short Information series about Northern Cyprus: St. Hilarion Castle ..
Located at an altitude of 732 meters in Kyrenia, this castle is home to many legends and endemic plants. This castle, has the most impressive architecture of the Middle Ages and consists of 3 sections built at different heights, was named after St. Hilarion, who is believed to have lived here. The castle was developed and beautified during the Lusignan Period. Unlike other castles in Cyprus, the coolness of the garden when the weather is hot and the chance to see one of the beautiful views of Cyprus made this place a castle preferred by the Lusignan nobles.
Another very special feature of the Castle is that Walt Disney during the creation of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” cartoon, is said to be inspired by Hilarion Castle. The towers depicted in many Disney cartoons have great similarities to the towers in the castle.
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