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Why Should I Invest In  North Cyprus

Why Should i invest in North cyprus

Cyprus is the third biggest island in the Mediterranean with a surface of 9251 km2 . While North Cyprus is 3242 km2 .

The island has a Mediterranean climate and generally is sunny during the whole year. The island of Cyprus having beautiful beaches and seasides is the main attraction for many tourists who come to visit as well as invest in Cyprus.


Language and Currency in North Cyprus

You can communicate easily in North Cyprus . The official language is Turkish however almost everyone speaks English and a second foreign language as Russian, German , Arabic or Greek. The main currency is the Turkish Lira. However British Pounds, US Dollars and Euro are currently accepted all over the shops.

Education in North Cyprus

Education in North Cyprus is highly appreciated and currently we have total of 18 universities from which 4 of them are foreign universities. We have 1 local vocational high school. Almost all cities have colleges which use the European Standards of Education by teaching Cambridge and Edexcel courses for students aiming in studying abroad.




Housing in North Cyprus

 The main reason of investors choosing Cyprus as a target for investment is the high number of students studying in the universities throughout the island. Almost all investment flats bought from foreign investors in North Cyprus are rented out to university students.  

Generally , based on the age of the property, amenities and furnitures , the property rental fees are around 1000-5000 Turkish Liras.

Sales prices of flats in Famagusta North Cyprus are around 700-1200 pounds per meter square . Flats that can be bought for investment in Famagusta start from around 25000-30000 pounds upto 70000 pounds . Due to these examples , investment in Northern Cyprus is a very profitable decision . The return of your investment would be in 10-15 years. 

Land and plots in North Cyprus

There are a lot of opportunities of land and plots for investors in Northern Cyprus. Our revenue from lands in Cyprus is around %375 .

It is obvious the growth of the construction business in Northern Cyprus. Lands considered to be outside city center are now considered city center . The investor would earn both from the increase of the currency and from the city development . İf we could explain it in simple words , a land bought five years ago for 30.000 pounds would be around 90.000 Turkish Liras, yet today the amount is doubled and would be around 225.000 TL. This would be your revenue from only the currency exchange, if we consider the growth and development of the city as 50% , the total amount of the land today would be 337.000 poundsz so our revenue margin would be 375%.

Investment in North Cyprus
Due to high quality of business in Northern Cyprus, apart from direct investment, you would have possibilities of other type of investments in North Cyprus. Additionally, thanks to the small but fastly geowing economy of North Cyprus, the economic advantages for local and foreign investors are very high.

Advantages of Investing in North Cyprus Famagusta
Famagusta is the second largest city of North Cyprus . Thr city is a port city and also is the home of the biggest university in North Cyprus; Eastern Mediterranean University.
Famagusta is the paradise of investments due to 15.000 students of the university .

Another reason of the advantages of investing in North Cyprus is thr high rent fees and low sale prices of homes .

Famagusta is one of the cities with a very low deviance and crime rate .
All Turkish banks have local branches in North Cyprus and many banks provide mortgages for foreigners also.

Near East University hospital is the most rennovated hospital of the whole island .
For night life lovers, North Cyprus provides a lot of pubs and discos in Kyrenia and Famagusta.

Are you asking why is North Cyprus the perfect spot for investment ? Because it’s a far away island with a multicultural community which you can find a lot of similarities with your own culture. 


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